Saturday, January 9, 2010

Moutain Life 2

Before,I wrote my weakness is my family. What I mean by that is they are like my kryptonite; as I am sure it is the case for any mother or father that centers their life there. The one to destroy the family will rule the world (for a while.)

It was a day like any other day until 3:20. The kids had just gotten home from school and I was settling them in. I was about to ask how their day went when the dogs began barking. Not the, "Hey, I am happy to see you" bark, more like,"Who are you? And why are you standing at my gate?" bark.

I went out back to see who it was. Foolishly, I put the dogs in. At my back gate stood a woman with a CPS badge. My heart dropped. See, it does not matter how good of a parent you are, they should scare you. Anyone that has the power to steal your children should scare you bad.

A little back story before I go on.I want you all to know how God prepares His people for battle. At the time, there was a story in the news about the FLDS. I had been following it closely. I was appalled that a contracted corporation (CPS) could kidnap over three-hundred children on a hunch. No innocent until proven guilty. No evidence. Just an anonymous phone call from another state.

I began researching CPS, DHS and any other group that wielded that sort of power. What I found was shocking and made me hug my children a little tighter each day. What I found reminded me so much of Nazi Germany that I prayed extra hard for the children across the country who were in the system.

See, our children are dollar signs to these people. They are in it to make $$$. Now, all you bleeding hearts will say it is for the good of the children and that may be the case a small part of the time. More times than not, it is about keeping their budget amount up and in a few cases, selling children into slavery(look up Florida. It will make you cry.) They also have contracts with pharmaceutical companies to test new drugs on any child in state care. Four out of five children in state care are abused(physical, mental and sexual.) 75% of prison inmates were wards of the state at some point.

Back to my story. I had written several letters of protest on behalf of the families of the FLDS. I know it is not much but it was all I could do. I do not agree with their religion or the marrying off of children but I do believe in the Constitution and due process. These people were getting none of that. If they could take it from them, then they can take it from us. fight.

I have heard many parents say, "I have nothing to hide." Foolish take. If this was a moral time, that would apply. But this is a time of great moral lacking. No one is safe and there is money to be made. What do you do when evil comes to your back gate? Do you let it in or do you question its motives?

I will write more later. I feel drained right now.


  1. gripping story. I'm so glad it has a happy ending!

  2. Thank you, Kathy. God blessed me with your friendship through that very rough part of time.