Sunday, January 24, 2010

Mountain Life 15

Before I tell more about the building of my home, I need to tell you all of the next and final hearing.

A law note- In the state of Texas, CPS only has 30 days to build a case. In some instances, the judge may grant an additional 30 days if CPS has some evidence. When I say some, I mean they have a statement or the children but have not been able to prove there was an abuse. In any other legal situation, besides national security, law may only hold someone for 72 hours without charges being made.

In CPS cases and agencies like them, they have 30 to 60 days to hold children. In that time, the children are theirs. In that time, they may medicate the children with highly addictive narcotics, do vaginal exams on girls of any age (including babies), and restrain the children if they lash out at the injustice. Remember me writing about the number of children abused while in state care?

How is it that a privately owned corporation has so much power? How are they able to steal children without any evidence and do with them what they want for 30 to 60 days? You should be appalled and you should be mad. It is all masked behind the phrase that should make you tremble when you hear it spouted so freely; “For the good of the children.” If that were the case, the data would tell a different story. Numbers never lie and that is why I could not, in good conscious, allow my babies to be subjected to the ill fate of a corporation that makes money at that cost of innocence.

Back to the story. The hearing was a joke. The judge was furious that the court was unable to serve Quinton and me with papers to appear. CPS had no evidence and no children. They were effectively dead in the water. But the judge had a personal grudge also now and instead of dismissing the case without merit, he left it open for eternity. Is this legal? No but as you have read, this county plays by their own set of laws and the Constitution is a joke to them.

In all civil cases, there is a statute of limitations. In our case, if there had been evidence to prove a crime had been committed, the court would have two years to process the case. CPS only has 18 months to process their cases in the state of Texas. Either way, the case should have been thrown out. It wasn’t and until May 1st of this year, Quinton and I could be arrested and held for questioning in Montague county Texas. We have not been back to Texas. Each state has a different set of rules that regulate their agency.

In the months that followed our exodus, we received updates from various friends and family. It was said that Quinton and I must be part of a militia and the rumors were legion. People that we thought were our friends turned and disassociated themselves from that crazy Graham family. But there were others that stuck loyally to our side and stood up when the world wanted to persecute us. To them, I am forever thankful. To the others, I wish them well.

The Montague County Sheriff’s department had a house cleaning late in 2008 and early in 2009. 106 indictments were handed out to the sheriff, jailers and inmates alike. I have a link below with a nice little blog post. Even after the cat was out of the bag, the corrupt administration was allowed to finish their term in the sheriff’s department. The blog post asks some pretty good questions that I would like answers to some day. The judge I have talked so much about is mentioned in the post and still sits on his lofty throne. I wonder how long before he is knocked down.

Hollywood had his own demons later in 2009. He is now in jail for Official Oppression and soliciting sex with a minor. I did not have to do anything. God made sure these people paid for their crimes.

Peace, love and God’s will

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