Monday, January 18, 2010

Mountain Life 10

In the video I posted, you hear me say a lawyer’s name. She ended up not representing me. I had spoken to her that day and had a meeting with her the following day. She had told me on the phone that I could use her name if I had anyone show up again. Remember, my real lawyer told me he would not represent me. So effectively, I still did not have a lawyer.

On Tuesday, Diana drove me to Dallas to meet this lawyer. She claimed to specialize in CPS cases and that she was a staunch advocate for parent’s and children’s rights. My spirits were high. I really thought we had found someone willing to fight for what is right. Sadly, I was wrong. I must be fair. She was willing to represent us but at a cost of $10,000. With this hefty fee, she wanted us to also pay for psychological evaluations, medical evaluations for all the children.

Even if I had the money, which I didn’t, I would not have done what she wanted. She scolded me for not cooperating with CPS and the authorities. I showed her the video and she said I was wrong for being hard on the poor officer. After all, he was only doing his job. So, since when was it the job of hired servants to harass and violate their masters? I mentioned my rights as a sovereign American and she laughed.

I left in tears and Diana tried without much success to comfort me. I wasn’t sad or beaten…I was angry; a righteous anger. You know what I mean? Diana, bless her heart, got the front-end of my anger when she suggested raising money to hire that sorry excuse of a lawyer. A lawyer that, in my opinion, profited handsomely from a mother’s heartache.

See, Diana thought I was upset about the price. I was of course but only because it was insane. I informed Diana, not so nicely, that hell would freeze over before I paid to give up my children’s innocence, rights and happiness to satisfy a agency that has no right to order the free and not guilty; no Constitutional right any way. The fact that she is still my friend is a testament to her patience, love and overall kindness. I will forever thank God for her friendship.

One problem, I still had no lawyer and there was a hearing on Friday. I called dozens of lawyers and they all either wanted an absurd amount of money or they would not even meet with me. Quinton and I decided we would have to sell his Peterbuilt so we could hire a lawyer. I was going to have to eat my words…or so I thought.

Quinton placed an ad online Tuesday afternoon. We had dozens of calls and several people came to look at the truck the next day. There was a problem though. CPS and the Sheriff’s department did drive-by’s every fifteen minutes. I am not exaggerating. It was ridiculous and it seemed we would never sell the truck. Thousands of criminals in north Texas and this department had nothing better to do than stalk us. A call came in that night from the east coast. A man wanted to fly in to DFW and he had cash. I thought it was a joke.

In the mean time, I sent a final plea to my lawyer friend in form of email on Wednesday evening. I simply told him that if anyone could help us, I knew it was him. I also told him that no matter what, I wished him all of God’s love. That last part I nearly didn’t put in but I said a little prayer before I pressed send and quickly typed the last part. I did not get an email response. The next day, he called Quinton directly and asked for all the details.

He was going to represent our family and for only $1000. Thursday at 11:00am, Diana and I picked up the man at DFW airport and he brought a cashier check for the full amount of the truck.

I have goose bumps writing this down. See, God will always make a way for his children. Even when life beats you up and throws you down, God’s loving hand never leaves you. You may think you can not handle what life gives you but God makes you strong and he sends Saints to you in your time of need. He even muddles the mind of a cocky cop, whispers His will into the ears of a man on the east coast and warms the heart of a reluctant lawyer. It may not be when or how we think it should be but God never fails us.

Peace, love and God’s will.

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