Friday, January 15, 2010

Mountain Life 7

Some of you may wonder why I have titled these last few posts, Mountain Life. Simple, this is the journey that brought me to live on a mountain.

Friday, May 2, 2008 – I have already told of my morning. Now, let me tell you of the afternoon. My lawyer called me a little after noon. He said that CPS would go to the school and speak with the children and had probably already done so. I told him that would be hard to do, considering the kids were not at school.

Honestly and truthfully, I silenced a lawyer. I could hear him breathing but no words came for a few minutes. When he spoke, he said we could setup a meeting like I had originally asked for. I explained to him that would not be necessary either. The children, my husband and I were already shown the lengths CPS would go to take away our rights and we would not subject ourselves to their lying and manipulative practices. We would not grant them jurisdiction. The children were no longer in the state of Texas and the issue was no longer an issue. Again, silence!

A few things before I go on. CPS and agencies like it only have jurisdiction if granted jurisdiction. That may be given it by the foolhardy parent that lets them in the door, more often the school and in some cases a judge can order it. Once you allow them in, they are like cockroaches. Nuclear devastation can not get them out. So be very careful with your children and home.

Lawyers, even good ones, work in a county and have to long after you are on a mountain. CPS cases make up a good portion of their income in a small county. If they rock the boat, they are not as likely to get more of that honey pot. So, when my lawyer told me he would no longer be able to represent my family, I was not shocked. I was a bit hurt because he is our friend but understand, I did.

So, by 3:00, they children were gone, I was banned from the school and my family no longer had representation. The day gets so much better when the evening rolls in.

My husband left around 6 pm everyday. I kissed him goodbye and went back to my computer. I was no longer writing I Am Ocilla (that stopped for nearly a year), I was researching. Minutes passed and the dogs began barking. I thought at first that Quinton had forgotten something but the barking was irritated. The dogs were inside or I would have known sooner.

By the time I walked to the front door, I knew something was up and called Quinton on his cell. There were cop cars surrounding my house; at least five cruisers. Quinton was too far away and told me he was calling Tony and Diana. Hold tight and he would be back as soon as he could. Being all alone, I was terrified.

The knock came and my heart jumped. I had still yet to break a law; only rocked the boat. There were half a dozen armed men on my porch. I stepped out to keep the dogs from going by. I was foolish for doing that. They asked where the children were. I answered honestly and said they were not there. That did not make them happy at all.
They cornered me against my door and began screaming at and threatening me. I could see the two CPS Nazi women hovering at the gate with smiles. They thought they had their prize; five smart, beautiful an intelligent children. NOT! I was told that I would give them my children and if I did not, I would rot in jail. I asked if they had a warrant and they did not respond. They had papers to serve me. Papers signed after the children were out of state so they had no power. I told them I would show them to my lawyer and they told me that if I didn’t give them the children, I would never have a chance to give them to a lawyer. This was an open-ended threat. “Or what?” Is what I wanted to ask them.

The cavalry arrived. Tony and Diana were at my gate. The officer standing there told them they could not enter. Tony, God love him, asked if it was normal for half a dozen men to corner a small woman with no witnesses. I have to note that Tony is a very large man. Some might even say intimidating. Well, until they got to know him. He is a teddy bear. The officer let him through. Quinton arrived minutes later.

Needless to say, the officers changed when there were people watching. You should have seen their faces when we told them they had no jurisdiction. I wish I would have had my camera. They left and the rest of that night was spent working on a battle plan.

Enough for today. Peace, love and God’s will


  1. OMG! I've been appalled by the amount of rights violations and stupidity on the part of the law enforcement.
    You have me awaiting more anxiously.

  2. If I had not lived it, I might think I was making it up. We are in the USA, aren't we? LOL

  3. Reading about all this brings that cold fear back again. I remember reading about Anne Frank when I was younger, and during all this, I felt like I think she might have. Having to hide all the kids and cover windows so no one could peek in. Thank you God for keeping us all safe.

  4. Grrr. That was supposed to be my post, but apparently, one of my girls logged into their cousins blog account on my computer.