Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Mountain Life 3

So, evil is at my back gate and all I can think is my letters of protest made someone mad. Which, I am sure they did. I ask the woman how I may help and she drops a bombshell. She informs me that she needs to speak with me about a report of abuse in my home. I literally saw red.

Instead of allowing her in, I ask what the accusation is. (Foolish parents hand their children over without questioning. I am not foolish.) She claims it is confidential. Now, the law clearly states that we have the right to face our accuser, have an attorney and know what we are being accused of. I tell her this and she gets very hateful and begins to threaten me.

How does CPS and other agencies get away with this? Well, they are working under contract. They are not a state or federal agency. They are privately held corporations with state and federal contracts. They are, in fact, treating children as property(like cattle). That is why they want to get custody of children immediately (guilt or innocence is irrelevant.) What is property law? That's right, possession is 9/10 of the law. Also, CPS works in civil court. They actually sue parents for their children and law enforcement and the court system has been all to happy in obliging the theft of our children.

So, angry woman actually enters my gate. A six-foot fence with Beware of Dog signs and Private Property signs. I tell her I will be happy to speak with her office after I contact my attorney and would she be so kind as to remove her butt from my property. She continued to stand in my yard and refused to leave. I ended up having to call 911. She left my yard but continued to stand at my gate.

I still have no idea what the accusation is at this point. She still refuses to tell me. While we are waiting for the Sheriff's department to show up, I ask if this has anything to do with all the letters I wrote. She claims to not know what I am talking about (although, later it is confirmed that her office was aware of the letters.)

Finally, the law arrives. Now remember, I called them and had been an active and upstanding woman of this tiny community for seven years. The officer's do not even say a word to me. They go straight for angry woman and huddle in conversation with her for several minutes. I am livid by this point but it gets oh so much better.

The officers finally come to my gate. Do they say, "Hello, Mrs. Graham. What seems to be the problem?" Oh no. They tell me that I will allow the CPS woman to speak to my children right then. I tell them I will be happy to do that with a scheduled appointment. An appointment with my attorney present and my children's Constitutional rights adhered to along with my own.

Now, what happened next should make you all cry a little inside. The officers, who are angry as all get out, tell me they will be back in the morning with a warrant for my arrest and they will be taking my children from me. This, because I refused to bend over and take it. All this because I did not offer up my children for the slaughter with a smile. I actually know my rights as a parent, as an American and chose to enforce them and they want to arrest me? God blessed me with my beautiful babies and only God will be taking them from me.

I will write more tomorrow. Peace.

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