Saturday, January 16, 2010

Mountain Life 8

That weekend went by without incident. Quinton did not go to work. He was afraid to leave me alone. I have to say, there had never been a time in our relationship that he had to go full-Tarzan but Quinton pulled it off handsomely. Not to say he isn’t manly, because he is…ex-marine and all. But something about a man protecting his family translates into a beautiful thing and my love and admiration of him tripled that week.

Monday rolled in and I waited. If they came back, which I knew they would, I was ready. Quinton had to work that day. We are not rich and missing that many days of work was a financial strain. Diana was to stay with me and we had a video camera ready.

There is a video we made that night that caused a landslide in Montague County Texas. Maybe you have heard of this north Texas county?? The link is below. Words do not complete the happenings. Peace, love and God's will.

Needless to say, Quinton came home within twenty minutes after he left for work.


  1. Oh Diane! I was shaking after seeing that video. I am so thankful you weren't completely alone and had educated yourself about your rights. But I was livid at the Montague dare they!

    It is so hard to be the one God calls to set right the wrongs against the innnocent, but you and Quinton did well! I'm sure you prevented a lot more abuse by that police department by posting that video.

    I know it must be a difficult thing to go back to this not-too-distant past and write about it, but I applaud you. There are many families that do not know their rights. Thanks for sharing this incredible story.

  2. I pray parents everywhere learn the law. It is our duty as sovereign Americans to protect ourselves and our children with the LAW. Be that the law of the land or the law of GOD!