Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Mountain Life 11

What are you willing to give up to save the ones you love? Will you go to jail, lose your job, your car, or your home? Will you allow the community you love and call home slander you for no reason other than they can? Honestly, no one can answer these questions truthfully until they are put in the situation.

I told you in my last post that my lawyer called Quinton and he did. It was Thursday and my spirits had risen from the sell of our truck. At that time, I had been separated from my children for a week. Our house was spotless. Then, our lawyer called with good and bad news. The good news was that he would represent us for a reasonable price. Quinton and I were fully aware that we may go to jail. It was something we would do as long as the children were safe.

I must make note that we are law abiding people. The thought of being handcuffed and put behind bars was almost too much. Almost! The alternative would be to bow to their demands and that was something we were not willing to ever do without one heck of a fight.

The problem comes with my lawyer’s bad news. He let Quinton know what he thought would go down the next day at the hearing. Because we exposed the county and they appear stupid and incompetent in the youtube video, they would want to make us pay. Our lawyer said they would arrest Quinton and me and put out an Amber Alert for the children.

You may be asking how they can get away with that. I know I did. If we showed up in the courtroom, we would admit jurisdiction and therefore the judge can do whatever he wants. It won’t stick and will eventually be thrown out but by the time that happens, they will have what they want…the children. Eighteen months of jumping hoops and all because one woman had a grudge.

This was when I lost it. The afternoon and evening went by in a blur. I do not remember a whole lot because I went and crawled in bed and wallowed in my misery. Friends and family were in and out all day but I can not tell you everyone that came. I do not remember praying anything but mumbled sobs to God but I know He felt my pain and knew my heart could not bear any more.

I vaguely remember Quinton saying he would not allow it. He and Tony had their heads together again. Let me tell you, if the world is out to get you, these two men are the two men you want on your side. The patrols of our house were still running every fifteen minutes, around the clock. We had to go in waves and use several vehicles. We were going to leave it all. We drew up a Power of Attorney for Quinton’s mom and had it notarized by a friend. We left her with our bank accounts, the deed to our home and everything we owned; everything we couldn’t fit into my van. We had cash in hand from the sale of our truck

So we left separately and at different times. I have never been so afraid. When we met up and I was back with my husband, I felt safe for the first time that day. I shook so hard that my teeth rattled and I just couldn’t stop crying. When we crossed the Texas border, it felt like we crossed on the wings of angels. The heaviness that had weighed me down for the last week lifted. We fought the good fight and God was victorious.

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